A Washington DC makeover for a busy real estate agent’s pied a terre

 My friend and cohort has gotten very busy of late. When staying in DC she likes to walk to restaurants and stores – no driving at all once she has stopped her busy day. So the natural answer for a non commuting week  was a smallish but open and airy one bedroom apt with a guest room which she makes available to out of town clients. The kitchen is small with dark brown cabinetry and opens up into the living room and dining room and then out to the full length balcony which nestles under a huge tree.

The silver green leaves and the grey bark become our palette. We got lucky with the windows. They are high and run across the length of the room and we got lucky with the floors that were a good hardwood that we changed to a light walnut color. We added some bold yellow and cream.

See what you think…


we used a desk because we had the room and there always papers, maps and briefcases to sort. 3 drawers lets is hide it all away.










Monkey Bite

Monkey Bite

Unique, distinctive and detailed, an agile pewter monkey, inspired by an African Vervet peers curiously over the edge of Vagabond House’s African Monkey Pitcher. Our clever designers have interpreted his dexterous tail to act as the handle of our classic shaped glass pitcher.
This pitcher is a grand show case for a Monkey Bite Cocktail Pitcher. To assemble, pour 2 cups pineapple juice into pitcher as first layer, slowly pour 2 cups Malibu rum into pitcher as 2nd layer, top with 3rd layer of 2 cups of Banana Schnapps. Serve over ice in lo ball glasses garnished with banana slices & pineapple wedges.