Tue by Zafferano



Bowls are small, medium and large. Plat

Made in Italy by Zafferano.

Showcasing originality and an eye for design, Zafferano has introduced the Tue Porcelain Plate Set of 6. This set is available in either black or blue color options, each presented in an artful, minimalist pattern and finished with a color contrasted edge. Made from the highest quality fired ceramic and given a beautiful glossy finish, the Tue Porcelain Plate Set of 6 can be ordered in matching or mixed sets.

Product Features:

  • Made with quality fired porcelain
  • Available in different color options
  • Dishwasher safe with non-abrasive detergents



available thru GDH

Sport bags with style


Whether on the links or the courts or showering later these bright and sunny bags make you feel glad you competed. Gore Dean Home also links these sport bags to our campus essentials  throws, lap desks, shower caddies, and more while Sea Island life.com matches them to swim suits and beach towels and bags….Fore sure they are great to own!



The Best Lamps of 2015

16 Nominations….

The BEST of 2015

Design,Construction,and Delivery all played a part in selecting this year’s 12 best table lamps. Here they are from …
Robert Abbey, Barabara Cosgrove, Bungalow 5, Cyan Design, Wildwood Lamps, Zuo, Frederick Cooper, Bunny Williams, Worlds-Away, Jonathan Adler, Festoni and Aidan Gray

and the winner is….

The stitched leather Oval Lamp from Frederick Cooper


Climbing Kilimanjaro | A 12-Year-Old’s Passion Project

It was still dark, and would be for hours, when Lilliana Libecki crawled from her tent. She and her father, Mike Libecki, were five days into their push to summit the highest free-standing mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro. Preparations were made and they started the final leg of their ascent. After hours of hiking, the faint glow from the horizon painted the mountain side and they were greeted by an unforgettable sunrise. As they reached the summit emotions ran high and Mike and Lilliana embraced.

This summit signified more than just a father-daughter adventure. At 12 years old, Lilliana had already been to six of the world’s continents. This summit celebrated the seventh. With a passion for exploration and humanitarian work that was instilled in her by her parents, Lilliana has now visited 16 countries and experienced their landscapes, people and cultures.

“This whole thing was her idea. She planted the seed for this entire trip,” commented Mike Libecki. “Africa was her seventh continent, the last one she had to tick off the list, and she wanted to do Kilimanjaro.”

The summit wasn’t the only objective of the trip, Lilliana wanted to do something to give back. While planning the expedition the Libeckis ended up at the offices of World Wide Trekking (WWT). This adventure based company was also closely tied to Human Outreach Project (HOP), a humanitarian effort that endeavored to help the areas in which Worldwide Trekking would visit. Dean Cardinale, WWT and HOP founder, not only provided the logistics for the climb, but also happens to own an orphanage called the Kilimanjaro Kids Community (KKC) near the base of the mountain.

After learning that the orphanage was in need of power and lights, a plan to install solar systems was added to the itinerary. Dell computers also joined in and sent multiple computers to help the children acquire more technical skills and education.

After the climb, six select Goal Zero and NRG employees met the expedition team as they descended from Kilimanjaro. These two teams joined forces to provide over 1KW of solar power to the 13 beautiful children that call the KKC home and their caretakers. Over three days they brought sustainable power and light to each and every building on the KKC premises, along with a local church and a public school.

“The Kilimanjaro Kid’s Community had very few lights on an unreliable utility system. What it did have was an incredible sense of love, care, and beauty,” said Goal Zero Employee David Rosner. “The family atmosphere within the premises makes anyone feel at home. The stark contrast from dark to light is evident. The children can study into the night, safely navigate to the bathroom in the dark, and know that their property is safe. The music heard from the kitchen to the corral bring smiles to the workers, and the power for their newly donated computers brings the knowledge of the world to this little village in the middle of nowhere.”

When all was said and done, the team left the smiling children behind. Lilliana’s dreams of helping were fulfilled.

“I hope while traveling I can give back to the planet and people in some way to better the quality of life,” said Lilliana.

To learn more about the Human Outreach Project visit: http://www.humanoutreachproject.org

Products Used

Lighthouse 250 LanternFlip 20 RechargerSherpa 50 Solar Kit

Where have you seen Chilewich?

Featured Brand: GG Collection

Kitchens have always been the heart of a home. So it’s not surprising that this collection was conceived in the hearts and minds of two women; Dixie Harrigan and Leigh Anne Baysinger, and came to life on a sketch pad at the kitchen table.

Friends for years, Dixie and Leigh Anne had a common thread that connected them – creating a gracious lifestyle that defined their lives and homes. So in the fall of 2002, when Leigh Anne moved into a new home and noticed a void in the marketplace for home décor that complimented the natural stone and aged metals being used, especially in kitchens, an idea was sparked. Sharing an appreciation of the same warm colors, textures and handcrafted items with a European flair, they envisioned creating a line for the home. A line that evoked warmth defined by casual elegance, a line that is now known as The GG Collection.

Over the years their product line that started with Tuscan inspired canisters and spice jars has grown beyond the kitchen and evolved to encompass dinnerware, serving ware and home décor. And while their design sessions continue to be collaborations between friends, the hand crafted dinnerware and serving ware collection they envisioned has grown and given birth to inspired home décor accessories. Combining metal, stoneware, and mouth blown glass in creative and innovative ways the GG Collection continues to present a line that evokes a casual elegance with an old European flair. Each piece helping to define the gracious lifestyle today – that makes our memories special tomorrow.

Taupe-Livingstone-Dinnerware-Collection Ogee-G1 ogeebakerc mediterranean-food-containers-and-storage irondecor_2268_244181053 irondecor_2268_244556878 iron-decor_2268_244934633 index images2 images gg-collection-grazia-dinnerware-8.gif_grande 30928945d3c4a49bb4c494af0c8dcb00 contemporary-dinnerware fvUG-v8A.B 92773 92766 92299b GG Collection Image

Featured Brand: ZEN ZEN

zen l zen essentially green since 1992
zenzenFor over two decades zen zen GARDEN & HOME has created a unique line of products for home, garden and body. Our designs are inspired by the zen traditions of craftsmanship, simplicity, harmony and the use of natural materials.With respect to the local artisans’ lifestyle, traditions and environment we also work with village communities, educating them in conservation, sustainable development and organic farming. We are a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Honoring nature, craftsmanship, simplicity and harmony of design, we believe creates an intrinsic value in zen zen GARDEN & HOME products that can inspire the soul and spirit of our customers’ home, garden and body.

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Featured Brand: GJ Styles


In 1997, after recognizing a demand for antique reproductions in the United States, Glyn and Jill Styles moved their wholesale furniture company, G&J Styles Inc, to High Point, NC. They emerged at their first show with only 300 square feet and a small range of merchandise.GJ Styles Inc. exhibits their collections in four permanent trade only showrooms in the United States. Three of these showrooms are located in High Point, NC and house the corporate offices for the company. The fourth is located in the Americas Mart in Atlanta, GA. All locations are open year round and welcome retailers and designers alike.


GJ Styles has been a consistently innovative design Company delivering very unique and well, lets just ay it, FUN stuff that you can enjoy for years, Workmanship has been consistent and turn around times are faster than  most. 90% of items are in stock and ship immediately.

Odense Chair In Belgium Wrinkle White
Merino Chair In Lt Brown Buffalo
professor professor chair

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