EMERGENCE: A Two Woman Show at GoreDean at the Forge

OPENING RECEPTION Friday July 9 at 6pm

13801 Jarrettsville Pike, Phoenix, MD

Rebecca Scheuerman is a realist fine artist in Baltimore. She blends traditional skills with contemporary themes in order to capture the beauty of our generation. Scheuerman’s primary mediums are oil painting and sculpture. She takes from the people and places around her to create still lifes, landscapes, and portraits. Inspired by the old masters, Scheuerman’s passion is for the human form. This has translated to a lifelong quest for her ideal figure, and is the main goal in her art.

Vivian Tanga a representational artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. My work encompasses portrait, still life, and figure.  She graduated from Columbia University in 2016 with a degree in Russian Language. She originally intended to pursue a career in Slavic Studies, but ultimately decided to pursue her dream of becoming a realist painter by enrolling at the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore.She graduated after four years of intensive studio practice in May 2020. The same year, she exhibited her first solo show at the Strathmore Mansion in Rockville, Maryland.  Her key drive when painting is to create work that feels alive. Through a dedication to masterful draftsmanship and knowledge of form and light, She seeks to add her unique perspective to the tradition of representational art.

Join us Friday and celebrate these two up and coming artits!


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