It’s My Birthday

I am alive- the pain in several parts of my body attests to that. I do not believe I am wiser, which is unfortunate but it may come with more advanced age. I am seriously more humble but mostly because it takes the wind out of the sails of my adversaries….

You Know you are Aging and Crumbling when…..

You point out older, heavier and shorter people in lines and stores to prove to your husband that you are aging well…

Your younger sibling five years ago has miraculously become your older brother….

You make a list of what you want for your birthday and 5 out of 6 are inject-able…

You lecture your family and friends about abusing medication as an excuse to confiscate what they have…

Your idea of “scoring” is finding an old Lidocaine patch in your dresser drawer.

Your cleaning rag drawer and your underwear drawer are indistinguishable…

and finally,

You know you are aging and crumbling, when embarrassing your kids in public just seems ironic.

Thanks for all the well wishes.



Men have fantasy football…

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