Canopies and Umbrellas


Long gone are the days of sunbathing with Coppertone oil and foil reflectors, unless you happen to be George Hamilton, that is. By now almost everyone has received the memo about the hole in the ozone layer and the potentially evil effects of the sun’s rays on our skin. And at the dreaded end-of-summer dermatology checkup, nobody enjoys having to confess to sitting in the sun, unprotected.

The Centers for Disease Control and Protection strongly recommend slathering on sunscreen of 15 S.P.F. or higher. And for further protection, a good umbrella, canopy or shelter is also in order.

If the newlyweds on your gift list are beachgoers, there are myriad ideas to choose from, including a lightweight and comfortable chair fitted out with all sorts of accessories, including an umbrella, coolers and speakers. For those who prefer to lounge on a blanket, there is a collapsible tent or colorful canopy to pitch overhead on the sand or a grassy lawn.

Couples with a yard or patio can use an umbrella with a stand for added décor and protection. And for those who simply cannot relax without having their digital devices humming along, there is an umbrella that has solar panels on top and U.S.B. ports on the pole to charge them all.

  1. Photo

    Zen Natural Umbrella

    This 70-inch-wide white umbrella from Bali, in natural cotton with off-white fringe, is to be used on a patio or in a garden with a stand (not included).

    $365 from, 866-785-7860

  2. Photo

    Solar Powered Patio and Beach Umbrella

    The Solar Powered Patio and Beach Umbrella with U.S.B. ports is nine feet wide, has an aluminum pole and comes with four solar panels on top. Two built-in U.S.B. ports can charge cellphones, digital cameras, tablets and other devices. The umbrella can be used practically anywhere — on a patio, at the beach or at campsites.

    $199.99 from, 800-846-3000

  3. Photo


    The stylish Sombrilla, a beach-tent alternative that can be configured in a variety of ways, is made of 100-percent cotton and gives 95-percent UV-ray protection, according to the manufacturer. Available in six patterned fabrics.

    $198 (free delivery),

  4. Photo

    Hammock Style Outdoor Wooden Swing Bed With Canopy

    For the couple with a yard, there is the Hammock Style Outdoor Wooden Swing Bed With Canopy, with a larch hardwood frame and weather-resistant fabric on the bed, cushions and canopy. It can hold two adults.

    $769.99 from, 800-732-6979

  5. Photo

    The Sun Sail Cabana

    The Sun Sail Cabana is a sturdy shade provider that casts 60 square feet of shade. It is made of machine-washable microfiber-polyester and sets up quickly. The pole bends in the wind for stability, and the carry bag is large enough to port beach towels; available in red-and-white or blue-and-white stripes.

    $89.95 from, 561-200-0764

  6. Photo

    Osmose Hammock

    The Osmose Hammock, designed by Sakura Adachi and made in France, is a free-standing circular lounger for the grass or patio. It has an attached canopy and is available in various colors.

    $2,661 from, 800-236-9100

  7. Photo

    Total Sunblock Beach Shelter

    The Total Sunblock Beach Shelter can be used on the grass as well as sand. Eight and a half feet wide, it can accommodate two beach chairs and, according to the manufacturer, blocks 99.8 percent of UVA and UVB rays. A zippered window provides ventilation, and interior pockets can store small things.

    $39.99 at, 800-462-3966

  8. Photo

    Beach Lounger Pack Chair

    The Beach Lounger Pack Chair is a beach chair with two coolers attached, a 48-inch wide umbrella, a pillow, speakers and storage, all of which fold into a backpack that also converts to a rolling cart (22 pounds).

    $247.99 at, 800-846-3000

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