SCORPIO — The Eagle — Reformer  (October 22 – November 21)


Be aware your temper could be hair-trigger this month with the Mars square to your Sun, with your tendency toward sarcasm more pronounced than usual. Not everyone may be up to your zingers! Your mind is sharp, so this is a good time for in depth conversations or serious writing. Try not to overdo exercise, but do exercise to release pent up anxieties and emotions. Fun and games with children might be fun now, with the young in general actually, in addition to unexpected romantic opportunities that pop up out of the blue. Rejuvenation in terms of finances is likely, but don’t loan money to friends or you might regret it! If you want to give money away, fine! There is a sense of excitement to your life now. Communications are important in almost any form, so communicate!

KEY WORDS: Passionate, secretive, intense.




SAGITTARIUS — The Archer — Preacher  (November 22 – December 21)

Reunions likely this month may prove more important than usual. Someone special reenters your life! You could be inspired to write a poem or to preach a sermon of some sort. Try not to overdo it with giving out your ‘bits of wisdom.’ Relationships with neighbors and siblings are especially important now. Home repairs are not out of the question. Perhaps a change of residence is in the offing, which might include refinancing, the purchase or sale of property. Your energy is up and your brain is working really well. Ideas pop right into your head that hold much promise in the near future. An expected trip to or phone call from faraway could be exciting and beneficial. Short trips may last longer than planned, but you should have an excellent time. Career opportunities are yours now.

KEY WORDS: Philosophical, perceptive, candid.



CAPRICORN — The Goat — Leader  (December 22 – January 20)

Hidden patterns come to light that may surprise and delight you. Easy earning opportunities fall into your lap now, with friends playing a positive role. You may suddenly change your mind about something important because of new insights, which surprises you and everyone you know. Care needs to be taken with regard to investments already in place. This may not be the best month to make a significant move regarding those investments. A short trip could be unexpected but lots of fun. Or perhaps an unexpected visitors shows up for a short stay! Elders may require your attention at this time. The boss or supervisor might be difficult to deal with in some manner. This is a time for slow but steady career advancement putting one foot before the other, not necessarily a time to win a race! Remember the tortoise beats the hare!

KEY WORDS: Organized, trustworthy, determined.


AQUARIUS — Water Bearer — Inventor  (January 21 – February 19)

Feisty, feisty, but perhaps it is time to speak up or out! The late birthdays are still in that dreamy mood and should feel inspired in a creative or artistic sense. Self discipline is strong now, so you should get a lot done at this time. It is a good time to plan for the future, to lay down a foundation upon which to build a project, career, or creation of some kind. It may still be difficult to hold onto money, but this too shall pass. Unexpected expenses seem to keep coming up! Elders may demand or draw your attention now. The boss or supervisor may think they know best. Humor them and do your thing! Love is there to support you when you need it the most, whether from a spouse, friends, or associates in general. This is a good month for social exchange, with career advancement best toward the late days of the month.

KEY WORDS: Charitable, intuitive, intelligent.



PISCES — The Fishes — Poet  (February 20 – March 20)

Children or the young may aggravate or irritate you this month. Don’t be afraid to let them know what you think or how you feel. You could also be feeling sexier than usual. Look out! Perhaps a brisk walk or running might help to ease the tension! A trip for the holiday might be nice, unless everyone is gathering at your place. No wonder the kids could get on your nerves. This is a good month for exercise if you don’t overdo it. Swimming might be a good idea for you or dancing. Your dreams are still awesome in some sense, perhaps teaching you valuable lessons. There you are out traveling throughout the cosmos. Busy, busy! Group activity is good now, perhaps volunteering for a worthy cause where you help someone and feel better at the same time. Good news arrives from a distance to brighten your day.

KEY WORDS: Psychic, affectionate, creative.   








ARIES — The Ram — Pioneer   (March 21 – April 20)

Lots of energy to get the job done now; although you aren’t especially known for your follow through, you always have great ideas and are good are directing others to the finish line! Romantic opportunity may just what you need right now. There is the likelihood of a sudden attraction this month. Your call! The Saturn opposition is moving in to give you pause in many areas of your life during the coming year. Elders or the young may need or even demand your attention. Friends are especially helpful now. Joining some group for support is an excellent idea. Spiritual growth is marked at this time. There is actually forced growth during the coming year like it or not. You’ll have to grow up to survive or thrive in some significant area. Out-of-body travel is possible now, perhaps an excellent escape!

KEY WORDS: Commanding, impetuous, visionary.




TAURUS — The Bull — Businessman  (April 21 – May 21)

Your main point of irritation this month could come from family, your neighbors, or your house, but what else is new? Home repairs are possible, perhaps something you’ve been putting off will scream at you for attention in some sense and you’ll be forced to comply. Sorry about that! This is a great time for research and development projects. You could uncover some juicy tidbits that titillate. Travel for work is likely when you least expect it, or something unusual happens on your work trip. Group activities prove pleasant with family or friends. Your significant other is favored right now, so don’t be so stubborn. Give in! Listen and you might learn something of true value. Spiritual growth is slow but steadily moves forward. This is an excellent time to enroll in a class or attend a lecture. Your mind is open.

 KEY WORDS: Determined, sensual, traditional.




GEMINI — The Twins — Communicator  (May 22 – June 21)

You could be feeling sexier than usual, with Saturn able to ground you now. Self-disciplinary patterns are surfacing to make you wiser and stronger. Your work demands attention, with disciplinary measures possibly needed in terms of speaking with employees or coworkers. Letting people know what you think! Don’t drive too fast or you’re likely to end up with a cop writing you a ticket. New relationships developed now have the possibility of lasting regardless of the nature of the connection: love, friendship or business. Long distance travel undertaken now should prove enjoyable and eventful. Patterns involving children or the young should be a pleasant, fun-filled time. Sudden career changes are possible for those with late birthdays, with a definite improvement on the near horizon.

KEY WORDS: Witty, informed, charming.


 CANCER — The Crab — Diplomat  (June 22 – July 21)

There is lots of excitement for you this month, with plenty of places to go and lots to do. Stimulating conversations bring important news and perhaps sound advice. Home improvement is a possibility, or a sudden need for replacement or minor repairs. This is not a bad time to shop for a new automobile or some form of transportation. You may have an urge to take an unplanned trip at the last minute and luck out with a bargain in terms of airfare and reservations. Romantic interludes are not out of the question this month. You could be attracted to someone much younger than you. You mind is open and clear, ready to take in valuable new information you can put to good use. Siblings and/or neighbors supply you with an answer to a question, the information long overdue.

KEY WORDS: Diplomatic, intuitive, executive.







LEO — The Lion — Entertainer   (July 22 – August 21)

A surplus of energy could make you feisty or else very sexy this month. At any rate, you should accomplish a great deal. Your mind runs to the serious side with meaningful conversations the norm now. Siblings and neighbors may be more helpful than usual and provide considerable enjoyment. Beautification in the home is likely, perhaps replacing a piece of furniture or the addition of an artistic object. Some sort of definite change involves the family or the home base. Changes in investment patterns are temporary. Wait it out! Creativity flourishes now. Take the time to express yourself and to spend time with artistic people. You run poetic this month yourself. This is a good time for a visit to the doctor for a regular checkup. Or perhaps it’s time to see the dentist? Partners bring enjoyment and enhance travel.

 KEY WORDS: Dramatic, brave, distinctive


VIRGO — The Virgin — Teacher  (August 22 – September 21)

There is general improvement in health patterns now, although you may require more rest than usual. Take a nap! Siblings and neighbors are especially helpful at this time and may shed light where light is badly needed or desired. Your mind is very active. Books may have more appeal than usual, and there may be more telephone calls and messages than normal, lots of talking and exchange of information at this timeframe. In another sense this entire year ahead is time of renewal and reunion. There is perhaps a new job, bonus, or raise at this time. Employment patterns are looking up, harmony with coworkers or employees are beyond the norm. The late birthdays may still be going through some conflict in a partnership or marriage, which is likely to improve in the months ahead. Spring is decision time!

KEY WORDS: Analytical, careful, educator.


LIBRA — The Scales — Arbitrator  (September 22 – October 21)

Optimism prevails now as a sense of increased responsibility closes in on you. You’re probably looking your best about now, something that should be easy for you at this time. Put on a happy face! Romance beckons. You could well meet someone fascinating without even trying, maybe by bumping into them, literally. One of those divine coincidences that gives you butterflies and makes you smile. Investments should improve this month, but please trust your intuition in that respect. Your intuitive antenna is picking up good news and correct information on a regular basis. This is a time you want to take good care of your health, eat right and get your rest. There is change going on in the work environment or in terms of the work you do. Positive energy is available for group endeavors. Have fun! 

KEY WORDS: Social, fair, artistic.



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