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Contemporaria is pleased to announce that Deborah Kalkstein’s bathroom design has been named outstanding in the Washington Spaces’ 2008 Best of Bath Spaces competition. 
bathroom pic
Photographer: Stacy Zarin-Goldberg


An Awakening 
by Contemporaria

Washington Spaces’ 2008 Design Competition
Best of Bath Spaces
(Click on the photo above to see more of our bathroom project) 
Here’s what Washington Spaces said about our Outstanding bathroom in its Winter 2009 issue:
“Deborah Kalkstein of Contemporaria created an oasis when she opened the owners’ bedroom and bath, which were formerly very dark, by eliminating four small closets and adding a panoramic window that overlooks three acres of land.  Adding a whirlpool tub, porcelain tiles, she simultaneously streamlined and enlarged the bath.  Now, when the homeowners enter their bedroom suite, the first thing they see is the huge window in the bathroom with their wooden property beckoning from beyond.”



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