Welcome to the GoreDean Blog!

When I am in one of the GoreDean stores, I am always asked the most interesting questions.  And since the Blog has been up; things have only gotten better.  Feel free to click at the bottom of any article to leave a questions or comment.


Our primary function at Gore Dean is to put together a collection of the finest things we know to be out there in the marketplace for your home- regardless of price.  If everything looks expensive when you walk in or browse the cataglog; then we have done our job.  But check those tags- not only do we go out of our way to find the affordable but we make it practical and in good taste for years of enjoyment.

We buy primarily from WOMEN OWNED businesses and from companies that can proudly claim. “MADE IN AMERICA” .  I could not be in a business that had no purpose…and I could not feel more strongly about keeping jobs in this Country. That is why all GoreDean brand upholstery is made here, as well as many of our fabrics.  When you buy from GoreDean, you are buying the best upholstered furniture available and it is helping save a skill and jobs right here at home.

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE.  If you can find anything in our stores advertised elsewhere for a lower price; we will match that price and give you 10% off another item in the store.  You just can’t beat our prices – in the stores and on-line.

If you would like a rudimentary appraisal or want to know what an antique piece was used for…just send a photo (goredean@aol.com) and I will post the answer here.   If you have a decorating dilemna – send a photo and I will give you my best advice and maybe another decorator reading this might chime in as well.  Don’t be shy about suggesting products or stores for readers to try. In the meantime,  do something fabulous !            DEB

PS. My first Helpful Hint is to check out  www.goredeanTODAYONLY.com and treat yourself to a 50% percent discount every day.

One thought on “WELCOME

  1. I found your website when I searched his name. I just bought the series of Waverley Novels and the condensed version at a estate sale. I have been trying to find out the value of these books with no success. I believe I have the entire collection of the pocket size and most of the condensed version. Are you able to aim me in the right direction as to where I might be able to find the estimated value of these books? Any information would be appreciated.



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