The Truth About Laundering Sheets and Towels





Most of us are ruining our sheets and towels.  Our basic instinct is wash them often and use extra detergent and lots of other things we buy because the promise of Fresh, Clean, White and Soft are all irresistable.  We also try and avoid mustiness by over drying. 

Natural cotton sheets, linen, bamboo and some blends are all waaaaay easier to care for than that.  So here is the skinny on sheets and towels.


♦ Always read the care instructions – just in case you have bought the rare exception to these rules.

Cold and warm water in the wash cycle.

Cold water in the rinse cycle.

Do a second rinse if you have that option.    This gets rid of any excess soap and allergens.  It is excess soap usually that makes, sheets,    towels and clothing feel scratchy. 

Use a detergent that does NOT contain a fabric softener or bluing agent.  Fabric softeners are a no no.  They artificially “soften” by breaking down the fibers of the textile – shortening the life of the fabric.  They also coat the fibers which make them less absorbent and after awhile prohibits them from “breathing” which is the purpose of cotton, linen and bamboo.

Use 1/4 to 1/3 the recommended amount of detergent !!!

Do not use Chlorine Bleach.  Chlorine bleach has a devastating effect on sheets and towels. You may use a chlorine bleach which is marked as “Safe on Colors”.  You may use SHOUT or Gonzo.

Tumble Dry on the Low setting or Perma Press.  Over drying is the leading cause of rough towels and shrinking sheets.

Do not use drier sheets.  They have the same effect as fabric softeners and the same chemicals.

Remove sheets and towels immediately from the drier.  Smooth and Fold to avoid ironing.  If  linen sheets are very wrinkled, remove before the end of the cycle and let dry on top of a flat surface (like the bed).


♥ Hint:  If you have a monogram, iron it from the reverse side on to a terry cloth so that it stays three dimensional and does not flatten out over time.

♥Hint:  Always store linens in an open and airy place or in tissue – Never in plastic.

♥ Hint: Ladies, some lotions and soaps can act as bleach.  If you are using Retin A, clearasil or any lotion with benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxide; you should use only white towels and sheets.

♥Hint:  Sheets that have been put away for the winter can be refreshed with a quick cold rinse with a bit of white vinegar.

♥Hint:  If you suffer from allergies, try Bamboo sheeting  or Purity Organic sheeting   (

One thought on “The Truth About Laundering Sheets and Towels

  1. I have the same problem with my new white sheets and KY J. I have these bight yellow stains on my sheets that I don’t know what to do about! I am soaking them in hot water and bleach right now, I have washed them several times but nothing seems to work!

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