Q and A

  • Helen said:
    January 15, 2009 at 3:38 pm eQ:  I am trying to buy some bedside lamps, but my tables are small Chinese tanzus. Is there a rule of thumb to follow about the size of the lamp(more so height than width)in contrast to the size of the table..Any info you could give me would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  • A: You are right that proportion is very important in order to look right. But for lamps in the bedroom it all has to about function. If you need a lamp for reading then only that height will do.  Sometimes you have the flexibility to use bigger tables but often we are limited to size.  Floor lamps are great next to beds, for readers, but then yoy have no place for your coffee or a clock, etc.  So err on the side of your comfort and function. Usually the bed in a room makes such a statement that the eye travels immediately there, which makes the tables and lamps secondary.  but if you have the space and flexibilty….the base of the lamp should fit comfortably in the center of the table with the shade fitting easily inside the diameter of the table. 


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