Washington Life Magazine


May 18th • Gore Dean Antiques

THE EVENT: Deborah Gore Dean celebrated the fi rst anniversary of her Georgetown store, Gore Dean Antiques, by showcasing “Life is But a Dream,” a whimsical exhibition of local painter Abigail Adams Greenway’s latest works.

THE SCENE: The eclectic crowd of artists and socialites was entertained by a troupe of elaborately garbed African stilt dancers and bongo drummers while enjoying non-stop Veuve Cliquot and Design Cuisine hors d’oeuvres

THE GUESTS: Designers Thomas Pheasant, Barry Dixon and Frank Randolph; Cady’s Alley developer Anthony Lanier, Carmen Petrowitz, Diana McLellan, Nina Straight, Gail Percy, Tim Dickinson and Sarah Tanguy.

Deborah Gore Dean and stilt walker



Gore Dean store in Cady’s Alley
Timothy Dickinson


Andre Willieme, Nicole d’Amecourt and Ed Emes
Fabiola Martens and Rudy Djabbarzadeh


Tara Eddy, Britton and Darienn Gore
Abigail Adams Greenway, Evan Everhart and Lilly Greenway


Barry Dixon and Deborah Gore Dean
Dan Oelke and Kenneth Rascher


Shirin Sheybani and Kristen Peterson

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