Interview with Daryll Carter

The Real “D.C.”

Local designer DARRYL CARTER-on the move from NYC and London to the banks of the Potomac

Darryl Carter

Many designers move to Washington to be near the rich, famous and influential, but D.C. resident Darryl Carter was born to “capitalize” on his famous initials. Although he is known for his Transitional Design, a new project has taken him out of the area and out of the mainstream to complete a Tribeca loft which formerly housed a munitions factory.

The space called for midcentury Danish and an extraordinary collection of modern art. Closer to home, he is completing a 200-acre farm on the banks of the Potomac that is full of regional and continental antiques. Carter has been recently seen in London on the hunt for a project at the Ritz. Perhaps those trips will give him inspiration for the book we know he is writing, scheduled for publication in 2007. Neiman Marcus has already snapped up his furniture line and we understand that a lighting collection will be available in 2006.

We asked Darryl our own version of the Bernard Pivot Questionnaire:

WL: What is your favorite color for 2006?
Chalk Pales Line with a faint suggestion of color… any color.

WL: What color will you never use again?
Spring crocus, but it suited the twelveyear- old in question.

WL: Which is more important in a house, a good kitchen, or good art?
Great art, and the number of a good restaurant that delivers.

WL: What is your favorite object in your own home and where did you find it?
The “Wegmanesque” triptych of my dog Otis. The photography was a gift and has found many incarnations.

WL: Give us your favorite “style” spot… the place you go for inspiration?
Home gym – stair climber – 6:00 a.m.

Darryl Carter Inc. | 2342 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20008 |

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